Thursday, November 18, 2021

Last Sale of the Year!


The last big sale of the year is November 26th – 28th!  This is a storewide sale with a minimum of 10% off everything!  Mark your calendar for this one.  Our vendors have gone above and beyond to bring you beautiful vintage and contemporary Christmas items for you to enjoy.  Our  horse “Ambassador” is all decked out in his Christmas finery.  Notice the socks!  He is ready for your visit and, possibly, a “selfie” with him.  December 4th & 5th is the “Wine and Chocolate Walk” in Aurora.  South End Antique Mall will be participating in this so make sure you get your tickets now!  This event has a limited number of tickets so don’t put it off.  Great local chocolate and wine will be featured.  Visit this website for more information  Visit South End Antique Mall today for 1st dibs on great Christmas items before the sale rush!  We have what you need for entertaining and decorating so make sure you visit soon.

Thursday, October 14, 2021

Warm Your Home for Fall

This is an exciting time of the year when it comes to decorating with all those beautiful fall colors.  I find that antique and vintage pottery fits the bill perfectly!  Deep browns, tans and pale greens.  These beautiful pottery pieces are timeless!  They display well with sprigs of fall leaves, gourds and nuts.  South End Antique Mall has a beautiful selection of antique and vintage pottery and fall themed linens for your decorating ideas. Bring the kids in their Halloween costumes to Aurora on October 31st from 3-5 p.m for some safe "Trick or Treating"! Merchants will have free treats for them at participating shops.  South End Antique Mall will be handing out treats so be sure to make your way down to our end of town! The North Marion Community Library will also set-up next to the American Legion Veterans Hall and will give a book to each child. 

Thursday, September 2, 2021

When the Old is New


We have a new vendor!  We love celebrating our new vendors and highlighting their booths.  This vendor, #8772, is located in our upstairs area.  She has an extensive collection of china, glassware and just plain beautiful stuff!  Very nice furniture and unusual collectibles can be found.  Don’t miss your chance to be one of the first to shop this special space!  While you are here, take time to visit all our booths.  You will find hints of Halloween and Christmas making their way into our inventory.  We always have a wide range of inventory for just about anyone's taste! Stop by and check us out!

Monday, August 2, 2021

Poor Man's Porcelain


Chalkware is known as the “poor man’s porcelain”!  I feel rich when I find one of these classic pieces!  Back in the 19th century, decorative items such as china had to be shipped to the U.S. and it took a long time.  They were handled many times during the trip so fragile items just did not fare well.  Early settlers relied upon their own artistic instincts to create chalkware.  It is a blend of plaster of Paris and lime or gypsum.  This first chalkware was made by German immigrants.  They were both hollow and solid. Beginning in the 1930’s chalkware was mass produced and was found being given out as carnival prizes.  These are the ones I remember and love!  Those wonderful piggy banks, dogs, cats, etc.  Great pieces with often garish colors! They were airbrushed with only the smallest detail hand painted. Cheap to make and cheap to sell!  Chalkware boomed in the 1950’s – 60’s.  There was a range of decorative items such as plaques, lamps, figurines, etc.  All of these are still around today.  Their value ranges from hundreds to just a few dollars.  Little chips here and there are expected so don't worry about them.  War themed items can be worth a few hundred dollars.  Carnival prizes and wall d├ęcor can be found for $10 and up.  A variety of chalkware can be found at South End Antique Mall.  They are fun collectibles that are hard to pass up!  Stop by and check out our selection of chalkware as well as so many other treasures! 

Thursday, June 17, 2021

Meet the "Ambassador" of South End Antique Mall


You have seen our wonderful “Ambassador” in some of my posts.  It’s time to tell you a little bit about him.  He is a “must see” when you visit our antique mall!  Really, you couldn’t miss him if you tried! He stands 16.2 hands tall in horse speak.  In non-horse speak, that is 5’ 6” tall at his “withers” (between his shoulder blades).  Now, imagine how tall he is to the top of his head!  His breed is “Friesian”.  He is true to size for the breed.  He was used as an inspection model in Reno but was actually found by our mall owners in Dallas, Oregon.   Our owners purchased him and brought him here to our mall in Aurora about 10 years ago.  They loaded him into the back of their pickup and drove him home.  They kind of held their breath each time they went under an overpass!   The wagon he is hitched to is a Mitchell wagon made by Mitchell, Lewis and Staver Company in Portland, Oregon.  It is antique and is beautiful. You can just about imagine what had to happen to get both the horse and the wagon into the mall!  Each holiday, the wagon and horse are decorated in the flavor of the season.  We love it when visitors come to the mall and pose for “selfie’s” with the horse!  If you don’t do anything else on your antiquing trips, stopping at South End Antique Mall to see our “Ambassador” and his wagon is a must do!

Teresa is our store owner and an accomplished horse woman!
                                           This gives you a little perspective as to his size!

Friday, May 28, 2021

Happy Birthday to Us!


Our resident horse is decked out in his birthday finery!  This weekend is our anniversary sale!  We are celebrating 16 years of bringing you antiques, vintage, collectible and just plain cool treasures.  This is the weekend where we break out the tents and fill the parking lot.  Saturday & Monday, 10-5; Sunday, 11-5.  The entire store is 10% off with many vendors offering deeper discounts.  This is the sale we save our treasures for all year so there will be inventory you have not seen before.  If there is something you have had your eye on to purchase, this is the weekend to go for it!  Come out and wish us a Happy Birthday and see if there is not just that one thing you have always needed! You must visit and take a "selfie" with our horse mascot; you will not believe how big he is!

Thursday, April 22, 2021

That Beautiful Tough Old Ironstone

I can only think of one word to describe old English ironstone and that is classic!  Most of it was made in the United Kingdom during the early to mid-1800’s.  Ironstone is actually glaze covered earthenware.  At that time, it would have been ironstone transferware that was popular first.  You know, the ones with the beautiful little floral patterns decorating the piece.  Somewhere along the way, the American market caught on to ironstone as it was so much cheaper than porcelain.  The American market wanted the undecorated pieces, thus we have the classic solid white pieces that are so loved today.  Most of the vintage ironstone you see was made in England, France or the United States.  The pieces you find today most likely have little chips, hairline cracks or crazing (crazing is the darkened areas where oils and other fluids have seeped in through the glaze).  I think those imperfections speak to a life of being well used and loved so, to me, it just adds interest.  Gather a collection of pieces to sit on a shelf or in a hutch.  They display well with clusters of two or three pieces!  Be sure to stop by South End Antique Mall and check out our selection of white ironstone as well as some beautiful antique ironstone transferware!

This is an example of transferware

Collect ironstone in tureens, pitchers, bowls and plates
for a balanced display

This is an example of ironstone that has crazed.
Note the brownish tint at the top.