Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Take Your Sweetheart To Aurora!

This weekend, February 10th & 11th, is the store wide “Sweetheart Sale” at South End Antique Mall.  In fact, the entire city of Aurora is celebrating Valentine’s Day this weekend!  Check out the Aurora Colony Visitors Association for more information on what each of the stores are doing as a special event this weekend (http://auroracolony.com/wp/).  Everything in our store is at least 10% off with some vendors offering deeper discounts.  We have expanded our vendor space so now is the time to check out the newest vendors and find a wonderful Valentine’s Day treat for your special person.  We have a nice selection of vintage valentines, beautiful jewelry, cute little trinkets, etc.  You will find a great variety of items to choose from.  Make South End Antique Mall your first stop of the day!
Pie birds make great collectibles.  Start a collection today!

Sweet little brooch's and jewelry treats are available throughout the store

Deck out your red kitchen with great finds!

These little tomato accessories brighten a kitchen or hutch any time of the year

You will find a great selection of dinnerware and dessert accessories for your special table

We have some terrific pottery pieces to add to your collection

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Dress With Style!

Sweet enough for prom night!
Elegance for a child
Oh those vintage movies where the stars dressed to the nines even if they were just doing housework!  Donna Reed always looked like she just stepped out of her hairdresser’s salon while she was cooking breakfast.  Those days may be gone but the fashion sense is not!  Today, vintage clothing is more popular than ever.  We love to put on those beautiful old fashions for just about any occasion.  It does not have to be Halloween!  You see this classic clothing being worn by just about every age range.  Build a "dress up" chest for your favorite grandchild!  Take time to step “back in time” with South End Antique Mall.  We have a great selection of vintage clothing, hats, gloves, purses, etc.  Everything it would take to bring back the romance of classic clothing!
A classic 1940's-50's dressing gown and comfy chenille child's robe

Just picture a peek of this bright red crinoline under a full skirt!

Sweet layers of rainbow fabric!

This stylish piece was actually worn at one of the Nixon Inaugural Balls!
In my mind's eye, I see Jacqueline Kennedy in this!

Don't wait for Halloween to make a fashion statement!





Sunday, January 14, 2018

We Just Grew Up!!

We did it!! I promised you something special and here it is! We have opened an additional 5,000 sf of vendor space as of Monday!  We have many new vendors that are really “seasoned” vendors.  We looked specifically for those who have been in the business for a while and could bring in the type of inventory that we knew you would want to see.  They did not disappoint!  We have beautiful primitive and antique furniture, collectibles, auto and gas station collectibles, fine linens, and on and on. With the addition of these spaces we are now bursting at the seams with 16,000 sf of space for you to shop in.  Be sure to browse the entire store as there are new vendors in both the loft and main floor areas.  Come check out our new spaces and vendors and enjoy the unique shopping experience that only South End Antique Mall provides you with.  


Saturday, December 30, 2017

We Wish You A Happy New Year!!

We want to thank you all for your visits to our mall this past year! Making your shopping experience a comfortable, affordable and enjoyable adventure is our mission!  If you have never visited the mall before, please make it a destination for this coming year.  It is a casual shopping experience you will not find at many antique malls!  January will be a great month for us as we are unveiling new and exciting things for you to enjoy!  Keep watching the blog for new announcements!!

Friday, December 8, 2017

A BIG Holiday Surprise Coming Your Way!!

The holiday season is the perfect time for surprises!  We have a BIG surprise for all of you coming soon to South End Antique Mall!  Keep reading our blog for more info!!

Sunday, November 19, 2017

The Season Has Arrived

What fun!! The holiday season has finally arrived!  We have Thanksgiving this Thursday and that seems to be the “strike of midnight” for Christmas shoppers and holiday decorating.  Don’t miss a visit to South End Antique Mall for your holiday decorating, entertaining, or gift needs.  Whether you decorate in an elegant way or go crazy with the kitsch, we have something for you.  This is the perfect week to check it out!  Our last big sale of the year is this coming weekend.  November 24th – 26th is our Holiday Sale with the entire store offering 10% off.  Some vendors give deeper discounts so now is the time to stop by.  Don’t expect the traditional antique mall when you visit our store.  We have an open layout that you wander through with beautifully crafted and staged displays.  The holiday season is a wonderful time to visit Aurora so start your tour with South End Antique Mall!

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Get A Jump On The Holidays!

OK, so it is not even Halloween yet and I am going to throw Christmas at you!  Some of you hearty souls out there love to plan ahead and have your Christmas decorations lined up early.  South End Antique Mall has just opened a “Christmas Wonderland” area upstairs.  It is loaded with everything you need (or don’t know you need) to satisfy your seasonal Christmas decorating desires.  Blow molds, vintage mercury glass ornaments, yard ornaments, and beautiful glassware just to name a few.  Get your decorating and entertaining needs met early!  Come check out our Christmas Wonderland and see what treasures are waiting there for you.