Friday, December 2, 2016

Take A Walk With Wine & Chocolate This Weekend in Aurora!

Thanks to all of you who stopped by last weekend for our Holiday sale!  If it was your first visit, we hope you had a great time and we would love to see you again.  We saw a lot of our favorite return shoppers as well!  The Holiday theme continues in Aurora this weekend.  Wine and Chocolate!! What is not to love about that!  It is all happening on Saturday and Sunday, December 3rd & 4th, here in Aurora.  The annual “Holiday Wine & Chocolate Walk”.  You will find great wine, great chocolate and loads of antiques.  While you are in town, do take time to stop by South End Antique Mall and check out our selection of tableware for your entertaining needs.  Sweet silver plate tidbit trays and comports for your favorite chocolates.  We have a selection of beautiful wine glasses and other glassware for your entertaining needs.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Don't Miss Open House Weekend in Aurora!!

OK, the cooking is done and the food is put away.  Now you can concentrate on your “Black Friday” shopping plans!  Face it; it does get a little crazy out there.  If you are ready for a leisure shopping experience in a sweet antique and collectible store, stop by South End Antique Mall this weekend.  This is the last big sale of the year for us so be sure not to miss it.  The vendors have worked hard to stock their spaces with beautiful antique and vintage items.  You can shop for Christmas decor or just plain primitive and antique cuties!  We have a nice selection of collectibles as well.  Cute contemporary signs for your home, Jim Shore, hand crafted jewelry,
etc.  A very nice selection!  The entire store is 10% off with many vendors offering up to 20%.  It is “Open House” weekend in Aurora and all the shops are participating.  Take time to visit the town and be sure to stop by and see us!  We even have the coffee and cookies ready for your visit!

Many different vintage ornaments to choose from

Blow molds never go out of style!

Jim Shore is always a welcome gift!

Jim Shore Santa

Beautiful green glass accents

Just imagine what is waiting behind this entry!

Monday, November 21, 2016

Festive Holiday "Sippers"

This is the season for entertaining!  It can be large groups or small, intimate settings.  Whatever the
occasion, it’s always fun to serve beverages in classic holiday glassware.  The deep ruby red or forest green glassware of the depression era is always a favorite this time of year.   Impress your guests with coffee mugs, decorated tumblers or just a single character cup for sipping cocoa.  The depression era and mid-century designs tend to be my favorites!  They are a little quirky and simply colorful!  Don’t miss out on the elegant cut glassware for more formal “sipping”.  Collect them throughout the year and share with your guests season after season.  They are timeless! Make sure you stop by South End Antique Mall to check out the selection they have available.  Our holiday sale will be this coming weekend, November 25th - 27th!  Everything in the store is at least 10% off with many vendors offering even more.  This is a great time to stock up on your entertaining glassware!
These are so cute and quirky!

Beautiful frosted tumblers

Simple coffee mugs for a small gathering

Perfect for a couple of special kids!

A sweet set of Santa cups!  Great detail to the design.

Everyone needs a special mug for hot cocoa!

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Twinkle & Tinsel For The Holiday's

They have done it again!! The “elves” have been super busy here at South End Antique Mall. We have changed our entryway into a terrific winter wonderland!  Come check out the life sized horse and sleigh!  Those of you who shop with us regularly know how terrific our special sales are so start marking your calendar and gathering your Christmas list now!  If you have not been to one of our sales, don’t miss this one. The weekend of November 25th – 27th is the “Aurora Celebrates the Holidays” event.  Special sales abound throughout the town!  South End Antique Mall will be having their
last sale of the year for this event.  The entire store is 10% off with many vendors offering 20%.  The store is getting packed out for the sale already with great vintage "twinkle and tinsel".  Get your
Christmas list ready now and come shop with us!  We always have the coffee pot on and a plate of cookie to welcome you!

Saturday, November 5, 2016

From "Goblins" to "Gobblers"

It's tough not to jump right from Halloween to Christmas but we MUST pause and take time for Thanksgiving!  The first Thanksgiving feast was thought to be in 1621.  The guests were the Plymouth colonists and the Wampanoag Indians.  It wasn’t until 1863 that President Lincoln declared a national day of Thanksgiving to be celebrated each November.  I am blessed to have wonderful memories of Thanksgiving dinners as a child and it is still important to me to make sure this holiday does not get left in the dust!  This is just as special as Christmas and needs thought and preparation for not only the food, but the table service and décor.  Let us give you a hand!  Soup to nuts (at least the containers for such things) can be found here at South End Antique Mall.  It doesn't matter whether you want a formal table or a more casual one, you can find so much to choose from!  Having said that, I do need to remind you all that the last sale of the year takes place the weekend after Thanksgiving.  Put the dinner fixings to rest and come out to Aurora for a city wide celebration of the Holiday season.  We will be having our sale November 25th – 27th.   More on that later!  And now for a correction from last week’s article.  I identified the new “visitor” in our entryway as a “Percheron” when it is actually a “Friesian”.  You must stop by and get a look at this huge addition to our seasonal décor!

Vintage silver plate serving utensils

Ornate serving platters

Something special to cook the turkey in!

Beautiful glassware!

Formal candle holders to more casual mix and match settings

Don't forget the gravy!

Elegant mid century coffee service

Friday, October 28, 2016

Just "Horsing" Around At South End Antique Mall

It is time again to start changing out seasons at South End Antique Mall!  I think you probably know what season we are moving into without me saying a word!  Lots of red, green and brilliant glass ornaments are just around the corner.  If you wander through the mall you will see vendors getting ready for the Christmas season.  Little splashes of color here and there with vintage mercury glass ornaments, vintage blow mold characters and just plain old fashioned Christmas stuff!  The entryway will be completed by next week’s blog entry, but I am giving you a sneak peek at what you will find when you walk in the door!  If you know our store owner, Theresa, then you know she is an avid horse lover so we should not be surprised at all with what has been placed in the entryway.  We
have a life size Percheron (forgive me if I have the breed wrong!) horse in our entry.  I was stunned to see how large they are!  I asked someone to stand next to it just to give you an idea.  Lots of beautiful vintage and collectible Christmas and holiday decorations are making their way in so stop by and check it out!