Friday, May 26, 2017

And Now The Madness Begins..........

This is the weekend!!  This is our anniversary sale weekend and we have been working hard all week to bring in new and unusual merchandise just for this.  Lots of vendor tents have been set up in the field next to the mall and they are packed with treasures!  We have both new and returning vendors so the selection will be terrific!  Everything inside and outside the store is 10% off with many vendors offering even deeper discounts.  The sale runs Saturday through Monday so there is lots of time to come out to Aurora and enjoy the sunshine and great deals!

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Happy Birthday To Us!!!

Well, it is getting closer!! Memorial Day weekend marks the 13th anniversary of South End Antique Mall!  We always mark this occasion with a “bang up” parking lot sale.  If you have never been to one of these, you have to start this year!  The entire store is at least 10% off all merchandise with some vendors giving even deeper discounts.  We not only have what is inside the store, but we open up the parking lot and the field next to the store for vendors to put up tents and display the treasures they have been gathering for months. You will find everything from fine antiques and garden décor to ”rusty crusty” treasures.  The merchandise is already beginning to arrive and it looks like it will be another great sale weekend.  Don’t forget to mark your calendars for May 27th, 28th , and 29th.   Make your way out to Aurora and help us celebrate our birthday! 

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The Lowly Retro Chic Apron!

We are quickly approaching Mother’s Day and what better symbol of mother than the apron!  Now, these garments have been worn since ancient times as something to protect the clothing and to indicate status, but they could also be very decorative.  The word “apron” actually originates from the French word “naperon” (small tablecloth).  Well, they are back in vogue and are considered retro chic!  Remember the TV moms of the 40’s and 50’s?  Donna Reed would never have been caught in her kitchen without an apron on!  These little garments can be sturdy and functional with lots of pockets and a full bib top or sheer and frilly if you were playing the role of a “hostess”.  If you were taught to sew, this was probably one of the first projects
 you ever worked on.  They are pretty straight forward as far as construction goes but can be embellished in so many different ways.  Those perky little gingham aprons with “chicken scratch” embroidery patterns on the front are fun to collect and display.  I love any aprons with hand embroidery on them.  When was there ever a time when a bunch of women did not take something pretty basic and functional and add artistic flair!  This is our heritage from our mother’s and grandmother’s and I love to find them!  They were decorated with rick rack, bias tape bindings, ribbons, hand crocheted patterns, etc.  I love finding children's aprons but they are a little harder to come by.  They got a lot of use!  You will find great examples of all of vintage and contemporary aprons at South End Antique Mall.  Bring your mother to Aurora this weekend for a Mother’s Day treat!
This is an example of bias tape and hand embroidered embellishment

These sweet little aprons were hand crocheted with ribbon trim

This is so cute with its sheer apron and polished cotton pocket!

Another example of a gingham apron with a chicken scratch border

Rick rack was a popular embellishment for mid century fashion

A nice pineapple design crocheted apron with perky red ribbons

This is what I need!  Something that covers me from top to bottom!!

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Set A Classy Mother's Day Brunch Table

This little Shelley luncheon set would make a great gift after lunch!
May 14th is Mother’s Day so you still have a decent amount of time left to plan special activities!  May 13th & 14th is Mother’s Day weekend in Aurora so plan on taking a stroll through the antique stores, tasting a little wine, food, tea and some great shopping.   This is also the time to plan ahead for your own Mother’s Day brunch table décor.  Dress up your table with vintage linens, glassware and china.  Do something a little funky and mix and match your china and glassware.  Find some terrific little salt and pepper sets or do it up fancy with silver-plate accessories.  The colors in those vintage hand stitched and printed linens add tons of character to your table setting.  Take time to plan and do it with “class” this year!
Vintage linens add such character and interest to your table settings!  Mix in some
napkins with hand embroidered flowers and crocheted trim for interest!

Bright color and great graphics!

There is nothing like vintage linen with beautiful soft color!  Add vintage napkins!

Hand embroidered and appliqued tea cloth!
Look for bright pops of color

Add class to your table settings with vintage silver plate accessories!

Add cute little salt and pepper sets

Vintage creamer and sugar sets are so cute!

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Help Us Welcome Our Newest Vendor

We are welcoming a new vendor to South End Antique Mall!  She is no stranger to antiques, collectibles and gift ideas!  Diane Codling has owned and operated the “White Corner Store” in Mt. Angel for 17 years.  She has decided to go another direction and is joining our South End Antique Mall family!  We are thrilled to have her.  She has a keen eye for color and décor ideas.   She stocks a little bit of everything; great gifts, antiques, collectibles, etc.  You will find an abundance of goodies and ideas in her mall space.  She has finished moving into her space and packing it with treats so now is the time to come on out to Aurora and find your next “must have” treasure!