Thursday, April 28, 2016

What Exactly is Upcycling???

Nice old granite-ware pan becomes a bowl
You hear the term "upcycled" is tossed around a lot these days.  Recycling and upcycling…..what are they and what is the difference, if any, between them?  According to “Upcycle Magazine”, upcycling it is the process of “taking an item no longer needed or wanted and giving it new life as something that is either useful or creative”.  They feel upcycling is a physical process and recycling is a chemical process.  Either way you look at it, both are a good thing all the way around.   So many of the items our mother’s and grandmother’s used in their everyday tasks have been set aside in favor of plastic or “nicer looking” newer things.   In this new age of trying not to waste things, you can find some of the neatest “upcycled” items these days.  If you don't believe me, just go to “Pinterest” and plug in “upcycled projects”.  You can spend hours looking at all the neat things you can do with just about anything! It brings new meaning to the term “waste not, want not”. Antique malls are great places to find the end results of some unique upcycled projects!   These “reinvented” items are fun to find and even more fun to place in your home or garden.  It will leave you standing there wondering “now why didn’t I think of that”!
What a neat way to store craft supplies, fruit, or even a neat bread bowl!
This old muffin tin is now a votive candle                                                                                                     holder

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Mother's Day Shopping Expedition

 Since when does a woman have to be convinced they need a reason to have some “special” time with family or friends??  Sunday, May 8th is Mother’s Day.  This is a time when you can do something special for “any” woman in your life!  Mother, grandmother, aunt or special friend, it really doesn't
matter.    South End Antique Mall is the perfect place to shop for special treats for the women in your life!  You can go large with beautiful vintage antique furniture or just little things that bring back memories for you.  After all, isn’t that what we do best….bring back the nostalgia and memories of times past for you??  Sweet little vintage hankies with embroidered or screen printed designs are always popular.  I remember a Mother’s Day gift from my own children; it was a little baby chick made by Lefton.  They were both into baby chick’s and it was so representative of their mindset at that time that I treasured it.  Still do!  A simple piece of costume jewelry goes far to bringing a smile to a woman’s face!  We have a beautiful selection of all different types; signed and unsigned.   Take time to wander through the store and make memories!  While you are in Aurora, stop by downtown Aurora for the Mother's Day Jewelry and Wine Weekend on May 7th and 8th.  Aurora is always worth the trip!                                                          

Sweet vintage hats and purses are always fun!  It's these little porcelain and ceramic figurines that seem  to catch my eye!  I especially love the birds.                                                

Friday, April 15, 2016

Teaser Alert!! Mark Your Calendars Now!!!

 South End Antique Mall opened its doors on May 11, 2005.  We set aside Memorial Day weekend, May 28th – 30th, to celebrate our anniversary so mark your calendars now for this special event!  This is a big one!  Everything in the store is 10% off with many vendors giving even deeper discounts.  This sale extends out into our parking lot.  It is quite a celebratory atmosphere with canopies set up in the field next to the store and part of the parking lot full as well.  Vendors have been shopping all year long for this event and will be bringing in special items for this sale.  You will see a lot of garden d├ęcor since spring is in the air!  Just a few items making their way in right now, but soon the patio area in front of the store will be packed with treasures.  Here are a few teasers for you!

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

It's The Little Things In Life That Count!

It is possible to be an avid collector of something and still not break the bank!  Those darling little vintage novelty salt and pepper shakers always catch my eye.  They can be purchased for a small amount, take up a small space, and yet provide hours of joy seeking out special additions to your own collection.  There are so many different categories describing these little gems.  Huggers, kissers, nodders, stackers, bench sitters, etc., are descriptive categories for the different actions or forms they take on.  I personally love to find those cute little hand painted sets from Japan and Germany.   Anthropomorphic fruit and vegetables as well as colorful animals abound in this category.  A visit to an antique mall is a great way to find a nice selection of these little treasures.  There is something special about holding them in your hands and getting a chance to inspect the art work and condition versus taking a gamble with an online purchase that is well worth the time and effort. Visit South End Antique Mall and get started with your collection soon!