Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Celebrate The Color Of Spring With Vintage Teacups!

So now we are finally getting out of the doldrums of winter and into the bright colors and mild weather of spring.  Each year I wait impatiently for the first trees to bloom and am never disappointed at the show they provide!  Bring this same color and spring flair to your table settings with vintage teacups.  There are sooooo many different types but, I think I prefer the beautiful translucence of bone china.  If you hold them to the light, your fingers just barely show through the porcelain.  Setting a spring luncheon or brunch table with the flurry of color and styles that are available to you with vintage teacups can be a fun experience.  You don't even have to make them match!  Putting miss-matched settings out is perfectly acceptable these days.  Don't give away a teacup just because it does not have a matching saucer!  These little "orphan" cups make great nut/candy cups for weddings, birthday parties, garden parties, etc.  Ignore "who" made them in favor of colors and patterns that make you happy!  Come wander through South End Antique Mall and experience the delightful array of vintage teacups and teacup/saucer sets!

These sweet little cups and saucers
      come in so many bright colors
and patterns they are just too cute to resist!

Monday, March 21, 2016

Spring has arrived at South End Antique Mall just in time to celebrate our first blog post!  Each  
change of season brings a new look to our lobby thanks to the hard work of staff and vendors.  This year we each had a different take on the spring theme.  One went to the beach, one went to a wedding, one was in a garden, etc.  Changing our entry theme with the seasons goes hand in hand with the way our vendors continually change the look of their mall spaces.  We have dedicated and professional bunch here that take pride in making your shopping experience the best it can be.  We hope you find our blog informative, educational and just plain fun.  We would love it if you would follow us!  Just put your e-mail address in the “gadget” at the bottom and we will make sure you receive an email notification when there is a new post.  You can also “like” and follow us on Facebook with the link below.  Thanks for visiting and do mark us as a favorite and return again soon!
Beautiful fine antiques
Special up-cycled treats!
Spring and garden decor