Sunday, November 19, 2017

The Season Has Arrived

What fun!! The holiday season has finally arrived!  We have Thanksgiving this Thursday and that seems to be the “strike of midnight” for Christmas shoppers and holiday decorating.  Don’t miss a visit to South End Antique Mall for your holiday decorating, entertaining, or gift needs.  Whether you decorate in an elegant way or go crazy with the kitsch, we have something for you.  This is the perfect week to check it out!  Our last big sale of the year is this coming weekend.  November 24th – 26th is our Holiday Sale with the entire store offering 10% off.  Some vendors give deeper discounts so now is the time to stop by.  Don’t expect the traditional antique mall when you visit our store.  We have an open layout that you wander through with beautifully crafted and staged displays.  The holiday season is a wonderful time to visit Aurora so start your tour with South End Antique Mall!