Tuesday, August 8, 2017

The Pleasures of Pyrex!!

Pyrex is now over 100 years old (as of 2015) and still going strong!  If you look in the back of a cupboard, you may find a piece that was handed down from your grandmother to your mother to you!  The patterns are timeless and the usefulness of these pieces just does not die.  If you still have some in your cupboards, then treasure them and treat them well!  The graphics on the older pieces are not “dishwasher” friendly.  The patterns will fade and get cloudy.  Never put cold liquid in a hot dish or a hot dish on a cold surface.  They could shatter.  Be careful of chips on the edges if you stack them.  They make great colorful displays in an old pie cupboard or hutch!  We have several options available at South End Antique Mall.  The inventory of Pyrex changes all the time so, if you are a collector, stay on top of it and visit often!  This Saturday is the Aurora Colony Days celebration!  There are a ton of activities planned which includes an outdoor antique fair.  South End Antique Mall opens our parking lot and adjoining field for additional vendor space so we do a great job of filling it up!  Everything inside and outside the store is 10% off with many vendors offering even deeper discounts.  This is the last parking lot sale of the year and will be going on both Saturday and Sunday.  Don’t miss this one!