Saturday, January 28, 2017

Hearts Are "Aflutter" in Aurora This Month!

Are you a shopping procrastinator?  We have you covered! February is a special time in Aurora!  February 11th – 14th is “Bring Your Love to Aurora” week.  This is the big Valentine’s Day celebration for all the antique stores in Aurora.  South End Antique Mall is no slacker in this department!  We have a great selection of special items for your special person.  Our own store-wide sale will be February 11th & 12th with the entire store offering 10% off.  Many vendors are giving even deeper discounts!  This will give you plenty of time before February 14th to get your shopping done.  We have a great selection of vintage and contemporary jewelry, vintage valentines, and special little trinkets and gifts for just about anyone.  Stop by and visit us for coffee, cookies and a great shopping experience!

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Pretty In Pink!!

We have so many talented vendors here at South End Antique Mall!  This new space is a great example of creative shopping and staging!  This space features “Pink” all the way through.  This room is chock full of beautiful pieces that have classic design and were specially selected for the pink theme of the room.  If you love cottage theme d├ęcor or just plain “pink”, stop by and check this one out!  Just make sure you don’t stop at this room alone but check out the rest of the store as well.  Cottage, mid-century, shabby, BOHO, antique, you name it; we have lots of examples to choose from!

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Living Life In The Good Old Days!

Were the “good old days” that good??  Some of us have been challenged this last week with the loss of electricity and the ability to get to our favorite market for supplies.  In the “good old days”, this was normal daily life.  The center of the house was a huge iron stove with beautiful chrome trim.  You used it as a cook surface, an oven and a heater for the home.   I have used one of these and am here to tell you, it takes talent!  You wasted nothing but used old fabric scraps and worn out clothing to make quilts and rag rugs for the floor.  You only got the butter after you milked the cow and churned the cream.   The food you stored to get you through the winter was put up in glass jars and crocks.  No grocery store on the corner!  I am sure there are many things about the “good old days” that were truly good.  No distraction from electronics allowing more face time maybe??  Those great old things that kept our ancestors warm and fed are still available to us to use as decorations or to learn to use again!  Who does not like the idea of fresh butter or a crock of homemade sauerkraut!  The winter weather threw us for a loop this last weekend and we closed the store for the safety of our customers, vendors and employees.  Things should be back to normal on Monday so come on in and see what you missed from the “good old days”!

This beast has a handle that attached and was used to iron clothing (after heating it on the wood stove)

This was an "agitator" for washing your laundry

I know some of you have used these!  This is a hand crank butter churn and would still make wonderful butter today!

No "non-stick" surface cookware!  Just very serviceable enamelware that is still useful today.

It is not a bad idea to have a few of these oil lamps around today.  Great when you lose electricity!

Those old rag rugs make beautiful additions to your home today.


Monday, January 2, 2017

Time To Spiff Up Your "Cave"

The last decoration is put away and you finally have time to look at projects you have had on “mothballs”!  Maybe some of those new Christmas gifts have inspired you to do some redecorating.  You hear a lot about “Man Caves” these days.  Picking a theme and doing a room in that theme gives it your own special touch.   We have a great selection of items just for your new “cave” whether it is a “woman cave” or a “man cave”!  Vintage signs, framed game boards, hunting and fishing themed items, etc.  Come take a stroll through the mall and see what you can find!